Simple and Effective Ways to Upgrade Your Kitchen

Simple and Effective Ways to Upgrade Your Kitchen

Simple and Effective Ways to Upgrade Your Kitchen
Upgrading your kitchen doesn’t always have to be such a costly venture. While drastic changes will require a larger investment of time and money, there are plenty of simple upgrades you can look into that will produce some surprising results.

The key to keeping costs low when upgrading your kitchen is to think differently and find subtle ways to inject life into the space. Not every remodeling job needs to completely change a room in order to be effective – sometimes you just need to focus on the details.

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Replacing appliances is one the most expensive upgrades you can make to your kitchen. It is possible to upgrade your kitchen appliances without replacing them, however, such as refinishing or painting.

If you have an appliance that is relatively new but in need of a face-lift, try painting it. An oven door or dishwasher panel can be professionally repainted for about $100, whereas an entire refrigerator will cost around $300.


Cabinets take up a lot of space in your kitchen and will usually last a very long time without needing to be replaced. One simple upgrade you can make to your kitchen cabinets is to replace the hardware with something fresh and new. There are endless options for replacement knobs, hinges and pulls that are very inexpensive.

Painting or refinishing cabinet doors is another low-cost way to upgrade your kitchen in a more noticeable way.


Instead of replacing current flooring, which is a very expensive project, resurfacing a floor can produce similar results without the hefty price tag. Wood floors can be easily resurfaced for approximately $600 (average cost for a 200 square foot kitchen) with astonishing results. Combine a resurfacing with a new stain color and your kitchen floor will look brand new!

Other materials of flooring can be covered with paint or tiles, but only in the existing surface is nice and flat, for about the same price as resurfacing.


Kitchen countertops get a lot of attention. Upgrading your kitchen countertops can be very easy and inexpensive if done correctly.

For about $5 per foot, molding can be added to the front edge of countertops to add a dash of style and class to the space. Backsplashes are also great additions to the back area of countertops and can consist of a variety of materials, including some recycled supplies.

You can always resurface your existing countertops or simply ceramic tiles over the existing plywood base.

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