Murfreesboro Remodeling – Make Your Garage Useful Again

Murfreesboro Remodeling – Make Your Garage Useful Again

Murfreesboro Remodeling – Make Your Garage Useful Again
Before you decide on your next remodeling project, you should ask yourself one question:

“What do I keep in my garage?”

More and more garages are becoming more of a storage unit than a useful and appreciated part of the home. Cleaning out your garage is commonly found near the bottom of people’s to-do lists, but starting fresh with your garage can change your house completely while increasing its value in the process.

For those in the Middle Tennessee area, Farrer Construction in Murfreesboro is here to help with any of your remodeling or restoration projects, from garage conversions to undoing storm and fire damage. Give us a call today!


Here are some garage remodeling ideas that could be perfect for you and your family!

Media Room

Home theaters are skyrocketing in popularity and it is easy to see why. Why pay for overpriced soda and popcorn when you can have the same cinematic experience in the comfort of your own home?

The garage is the perfect place for a home theatre because it is spacious and usually secluded from the rest of the house – you don’t want to keep up the whole house during a movie marathon, do you?

Guest Bedroom

Have you always wanted an extra bedroom but never had the budget to add on a room to your home? If so, your garage could be the answer you’ve been looking for all along.

With plenty of space, turning your garage into an extra bedroom is a fantastic way to add living space and value to your home. Focus on comfort for this conversion; pleasant furniture, a ceiling fan, new flooring (such as carpet), and possibly a window if there isn’t one are ways to make your old junk trap into a cozy and useful bedroom.


While most people consider garages a great place to knock out some weekend projects, not as many people actually utilize their garage as a workspace. It takes more than a toolbox and a desk to get the job done, and having a full-fledged workshop can inspire to tackle all those home improvement projects you might be avoiding.

Pegboard is an incredibly useful way to organize tools and keep your workspace clear, and you’ll probably need some more shelving or cabinets to store other work tools or materials as well.

Home Gym

Why pay monthly for a gym membership when you can bring the gym home with you?

You’ll never feel better just being a few steps away from a state-of-the-art gym filled with the equipment that you actually use. Decorate your gym with inspirational quotes or anything else that gets you motivated and ready to work out!

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