Water Damage Restoration – Types of Mold

Water Damage Restoration – Types of Molds


Finding mold in your home is no joke. Certain types of mold, while common, can cause health issues for your children and family. Untrained mold removal can pose a variety of health risks, from a scratchy throat to severe respiratory diseases. Be sure you can identify these three common types of mold when cleaning your home.


Aspergillus is the most common type of mold in a home. This mold is commonly found on food items, in air conditioning systems, and other areas of a home. While this type of mold is considered nontoxic, unhealthy individuals are susceptible to mild symptoms. These symptoms are similar to those elicited by typical allergies.

Although common, this type of mold can become out of hand if not taken care of properly. It can become a hassle if not taken care of by a professional mold removal service.


This type of mold is found in areas of your home such as on toilets, fiberglass, painted surfaces, and more. Similarly to aspergillus, this household mold can cause allergenic symptoms as well. This mold is also considered nontoxic, but it can be worse than aspergillus if it becomes out of control.

Be sure to look around cabinets and countertops for the cladosporium mold in your home.

Stachybatrys Atra

Stachybatrys Atra, known as the dreadful black mold, creates toxic compounds called “mycotoxins” which are incredibly harmful to humans. One of the greatest black mold risks is when it is located in your air conditioning system. This situation will distribute the mycotoxins around your home, via the air ducts and vents.

Black mold, whether in small or large amounts, should only be handled by experienced mold removal professionals. Due to the extreme health risks and multiple factors associated with the mold removal process, a mold expert will be able to handle the situation in a timely manner while ensuring the safety of your family and home.

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