How To Recover From Vandalism

How To Recover From Vandalism


As one of the most common crimes in our nation, vandalism is not something to take lightly. From spray painting a business to a serious crime of arson, vandalism is growing, especially in Tennessee. Vandalism affects businesses, government properties, and residential homes and land. If you’ve been affected by vandalism in one form or another, be sure to follow these steps.

Alert the Proper Authorities

Depending upon the type of vandalism that has occurred, you will want to alert the proper authorities. For instance, if you are the victim of an arson attack, contact the fire department and police department immediately.

Take Pictures and Keep Records of the Damage

From graffiti to property damage, you will want to keep detailed records about the vandalism — especially if you intend to press charges. Be sure to take pictures of the damage right away. Do not wait to obtain photo evidence of the vandalized area. Similar to being involved in a car accident, you will want to have as much proof of damage as possible for your insurance company and the court system.

Contact Farrer Construction

Once you have spoken to the right authorities, and the immediate situation has been settled, it’s time to call Farrer Construction to learn more about our vandalism damage restoration services.

Vandalism can be a detrimental situation, especially to a business. As professional restoration specialists, we are fully capable of returning your home or building to its original state. On top of it all, we also can work directly with your insurance company to work out any necessary reports, claims and more.

Being the victim of a vandalism crime can be a trying situation. Farrer Construction is there to work with your insurance company and restoration needs so you can focus on the important aspects of your business or life.

Learn more about the vandalism damage restoration services by calling Farrer Construction today at (615) 893-6120.