Home Remodeling for Energy Efficiency

Home Remodeling for Energy Efficiency


People choose to remodel their home for a number of different reasons. Maybe they want to catch up with the latest design trends or perhaps they are looking to expand by adding more living space.

In recent years, home remodelers like Farrer Construction in Murfreesboro, TN are starting to see homeowners take on remodeling projects with the goal of making their home more energy efficient.

Programmable Thermostat

One way to upgrade your home’s energy efficiency and comfort is with a programmable thermostat. This piece of cutting edge technology allows for maximum control over your air conditioning system, cutting down on unnecessary heating and cooling.

Some programmable thermostats can be controlled via Wi-Fi from virtually anywhere. No more worry if you forgot to adjust your air conditioning while you’re on vacation – you can simply change the settings from your computer or smartphone!

Energy Efficient Windows

Increasing energy efficiency doesn’t mean sacrificing style – especially when it comes to windows.

Wood framed windows that protect against air-hemorrhaging drafts can save you a lot of money on your heating and cooling bills. They also come in endless design options to fit the existing décor and style of your home. Old windows with poorly maintained frames can leak all of your precious cool or warm air and end up costing you in the long run.

Low Flow Fixtures

There are ways to save on more than just your energy bill, such as adding water-saving low flow fixtures to your bathroom. These innovative features help cut down on water usage for showers, baths, faucets, and toilets. Low flow showerheads, for example, have been seen to reduce a family’s water usage by about 20,000 gallons per year!

Low flow fixtures do not sacrifice water pressure; they can even produce a stronger flow than standard fixtures. The way that they save water is by using less water-per-minute, meaning you simply use less water than normal.

Whole House Energy Efficiency

Think of your house as one big system instead of numerous smaller systems working together. This “holistic” line of thinking brings with it some very useful energy-saving techniques, such as air sealing and adding insulation

  • Air Sealing – Air can leak from other sources besides windows, such as holes and cracks in your roof. Take the time to seal these leaks with caulk and weather stripping, which are both very cost effective and durable.
  • Adding Insulation – Keep your home comfortable throughout the year with extra insulation in the attic. Installing your own insulation is a very easy DIY project, but be careful to not trap any moisture in the process.

Murfreesboro Remodeling Experts

When you are ready to remodel your home for maximum energy efficiency, contact Farrer Construction today!

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