Home Improvement Tips – Prepare for Fall

Home Improvement Tips – Prepare for Fall

Home Improvement Tips – Prepare for Fall
As summer slowly but surely wanes away, we are left with the inevitable onset of the cooler weather and shorter days of fall.

The change in weather prompts a perfect time to make some necessary home improvement updates to you home to better take on the cold weather.

Here are a few home improvement ideas aimed at getting your home ready for the fall:

Install / Maintain Walkways

If you don’t have them already, neatly manicured walkways can provide a beautiful look to your home while also ensuring safe passage from the mailbox to your front door. Visitors will also enjoy the defined and secure walkways when they arrive for any holiday parties.

If you already have a brick or concrete walkway, take some time to inspect every square inch and repair any cracks or sunken areas. Any resurfacing of concrete should be done while it’s still warm – concrete sets much quicker in the heat of summer.

Light the Path

Now that you have a nice and clear walkway leading to you front door, you can combat the ensuing lack of daylight with one of the many outdoor path lighting options.

There are plenty of low-voltage and even solar-powered options that will not only provide ample light but also add a decent amount of curb appeal to your home. They are also perfect for lining driveways as well as steps and the base of trees.

Freeze-Proof Faucets

Even in more mild climates, exterior faucets can freeze quite easily. It is in your best interests to do what you can to prevent this disaster – a burst pipe is a nightmare for a homeowner.

Save yourself a headache and a sizeable hit the wallet and install a freeze-proof outdoor faucet – which is very easy to do – and rest easy at night knowing your exterior faucets are safe from freezing.

Build a Trash Shed

A great home improvement project for any time of the year is to build a shed for your trash cans. A trash shed will add curb appeal and hide your unsightly trash cans and recycling bins from view.

When building your trash shed, make sure it is large enough to hold multiple 32-gallon trash receptacles. Bi-fold doors will make it much easier to remove your trash cans while a flip-open top will make it much easier to quickly throw any garbage away.

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Use these home improvement ideas to put your home in a great position to take on the changes is weather that always accompany fall.

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