Water Damage – The Aftermath

Water Damage – The Aftermath


Was your home recently affected by a massive leak from your roof? Perhaps your plumbing burst and water filled your home. Either way, your home was severely damaged by water in some capacity. After you have calmed down and assessed the situation, you may be asking, “Now what?”

Your first call should be to Farrer Construction and our water damage restoration team. We have the experience and expertise needed to handle your situation AND deal with your insurance company.

Follow The Instructions of Emergency Personnel

Should there be any extreme damage to you, your family and your home, emergency crews may be dispatched to your home. If they give you direct orders, follow them! These professionals know what they’re doing and are working as hard and as fast as possible to rectify the situation and make sure that your home and family are as safe as can be.

Disconnect Electronics

If prior to the catastrophic event, you have time to unplug any electronic devices and disconnect the power, it is in your best interest to do so. For instance, if we are under a severe tornado or thunderstorm warning, start taking care of this step right away. We all know how dangerous a hair dryer is in a bathtub, so imagine how dangerous it could be to your entire home!

Get Rid of Damaged Objects Properly

After all is said and done, and the Farrer team has helped restore your home, you will have a few damaged items. From clothes to electronic devices, you have to dispose of these items properly. Depending on the condition of your damaged items, they may be able to be donated to your local Goodwill or similar store.

All in all, make sure you call Farrer Construction if your home has experienced significant water damage. We know exactly what to do to restore your home to its original condition! Call us today at 615-893-6120.