5 Useful Ways to Upgrade Your Small Bathroom

5 Useful Ways to Upgrade Your Small Bathroom

5 Useful Ways to Upgrade Your Small Bathroom

Older homes can be incredibly charming and possess a unique character that you just won’t find in a newer home. However, homes have come a long way in terms of design and functionality with larger rooms, for example.

One trend we frequently see with older homes is smaller bathrooms that homeowners want to upgrade without breaking the bank. Advancements in technology and interior design have made it more than possible to get the most out of a cramped bathroom in a cost-effective manner!

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Here are five budget-friendly ways to remodel a small bathroom:

Use Ambient Lighting

Lighting can completely change how a room looks and feels. By incorporating ambient lighting into a smaller bathroom, you open up space and make the room feel bigger.

Lining the left and right sides of your bathroom mirror with ambient lighting will provide brightness where you need without an over-bearing overhead central light. Think of your bathroom as different areas instead of one room and find unique ways to subtly light each region.

Utilize the Vanity

In most cases, the vanity is the only piece of furniture you will be able to fit in a small bathroom. If this is the case in your bathroom, make sure you maximize the utility of your vanity – don’t be afraid to get fancy!

Go with a furniture-style vanity that incorporates ample drawers and cabinets to fit all the necessities. Also, you’ll want to make sure your vanity has all the counter space you’ll need.

Upgrade the Toilet

One way that you can update the look of a small bathroom while saving  money, in the long run, is by replacing an outdated toilet with a brand new modern option. Water-saving toilets use much less water per flush and can wind up saving you hundreds on your water bills.

There is no shortage of design options with modern toilets so you will have no problem finding one to fit your desired look.

Use Wall Storage

Wall shelves are often under-utilized in bathrooms and can really help out in cramped spaces. They are inexpensive and provide great storage area without taking up precious floor space.

Installing stylish shelves above the toilet provides a great way to store bathroom essentials like towels and candles. Towel hooks can be installed on the wall near the shower or bathtub as an alternative to a standing towel rack.

DIY Decorations

Just because you have a small bathroom doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice décor. Decorating a remodeled bathroom shouldn’t require you to feel it in the wallet, either, and some DIY decorations will help.

This is a chance for you to inject some personality into your remodeling project and you can start by thinking of neat ways to repurpose items you have sitting in the garage or attic. You might not have a great deal of wall space to work with, but adding some DIY accent pieces can help make your small bathroom feel cozy while saving you some money.

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