Water Damage: Do Not Ignore These Warning Signs!

Water Damage: Do Not Ignore These Warning Signs!


Most homeowners will be unlucky enough at some point to experience a water issue in their home. Maybe, you have spotted a telltale water stain on your ceiling or your nose is detecting the scent of mold or mildew. Your immediate thought probably is, “How in the world did I let this happen?” Don’t despair! It’s a fairly common issue that can quickly wreck havoc on a home. But, with the knowledge of some of the top causes of water damage, you will be able to spot an issue as soon as it happens and nip it in the bud quickly.

Leaking And Bursting Pipes

Pipes that leak, or even worse burst, are some of the common culprits of water damage. But, what leads to a leak or burst? The following issues can cause water damage:

  • Toilets and drains that get backed up + blocked = burst or leak
  • Garbage disposals that are malfunctioning = pipes burst
  • Old or rusty pipes = leak
  • Plumbing hoses and pipe joints not fully attached = water issues

Keep Attics, Crawl Spaces, and Basements Monitored

Certain areas of your home are more susceptible to water damage such as a crawl space, basement, or attic. Be sure to pay close attention to your crawl space since that’s where builders install electrical wires and piping. If your crawl space becomes damp and dark, mold will grow which can lead to structural damage. 

Basement leaks are caused by moisture dripping through the concrete foundation of your home. In reference to an attic space, moisture can build up on the underside of a roof and lead to mold.


HVACs are yet another common cause of water damage. Specifically, air conditioners need to be serviced regularly. If not, they can lead to moisture buildup and eventually mold.


There are countless weather issues such as flash floods, thunder storms, and hurricanes which can lead to an abundance of water. Of course you cannot control the weather but you can take preventative measures to keep water damage from occurring because the elements. 

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