The 3 Most Common Types of Storm Damage

The 3 Most Common Types of Storm Damage

The 3 Most Common Types of Storm Damage
Thunderstorms can damage your home in a variety of ways. Even though meteorologists can predict storms days before they occur, storms can still be very unpredictable when they actually arrive.

Some storms produce enough damage to your home that you have no choice but to seek out a storm restoration professional.

Large amounts of rain, high winds and dangerous lightning all pose major threats to your home and your personal safety. If you live in a climate that frequently experiences harsh thunderstorms without much warning, such as Middle Tennessee, you need to be aware of the dangers these storms can bring with them.

Flood Damage

Certain areas and regions are more prone to flood damage, but you should never underestimate the potentially dangerous conditions that multiple inches of rain can produce.

During a flood-producing storm, the most vulnerable area of your house is the basement. If you have a basement, you have probably woken up after an overnight storm and found an inch or two of standing water waiting on you down there. Those who live in rainy areas with a basement should periodically check that problem zones are secured and common leak spots are fixed.

Windows in a basement can cause even more problems if left unattended to for too long. Always check that any openings are properly caulked and sealed tightly.

Wind Damage

When you think of wind damage, the first place you probably think of is the roof. That’s because it is your first line of defense against the elements and usually receives the brunt of any storm that passes by.

Shingles can become loose over time from normal wear and tear, and the high winds and rain of a harsh storm can be the breaking point. If your roof is covered in shingles, always remember to visually inspect your roof after a particularly nasty storm and check for missing shingles. If you find any shingles have been blown off during the storm, act quickly to have them replaced to reduce the risk of leaks and other problems down the road.

Fire Damage

Lightning is electricity, and the presence of raw voltage in the wrong place at the wrong time can cause some very serious problems. Even during a rain storm, fires are possible and happen frequently whenever a storm produces a lot of lightning.

If your area is in the middle of a long dry spell, a lightning-producing storm can be deadly. There is a lot that can go wrong when lightning is present and it can happen very fast. Areas that have a large amount of vegetation are particularly susceptible to fires during storms.

Wildfires are commonly started by lightning storms and can grow to such sizes that they can’t be extinguished.

Always be alert if you live in a dry area that has a lot of trees and other vegetation – you never know when an average thunderstorm can start producing lightning.

Local Restoration Experts

If your home is in need of restoration after experiencing storm damage, do not hesitate to contact Farrer Construction in Murfreesboro today.