Fire Damage Prevention Tips

Fire Damage Prevention Tips

A house fire is one of the most damaging disasters that could possibly happen to your home. In a flash, the majority of your belongings could be completely gone. Instead of having to deal with tragedy, you need to follow these tips and guarantee that your chances of a house fire are low.

Be Careful With Candles


While candles emit beautiful scents, fill our homes with happiness and create a calming atmosphere, they also can be the cause of a house fire if not carefully monitored. If you leave your candles unattended, regardless of size, a multitude of scenarios could occur. From children and pets accidentally knocking over the candles, to the draft taking the flame, anything could happen! In order to reduce your chance of a house fire, always watch your candles carefully.

Unplug Electronics and Appliances

After you use your hairdryer, computer or toaster oven, remember to unplug it! Electrical circuits and devices can backfire, spark and cause a massive fire. Even if you don’t think a house fire is possible due to an electronic device, it is possible. Several incidents have occurred and been reported, such as a cellphone and charger overheating and causing a fire! Always either monitor or unplug your devices once you are finished using it.

Do Not Overheat Your Devices

From overuse to overcooking, several appliances and devices in your home can overheat. Our ovens, heaters, irons and even dryers can overheat and cause house fires. Remember to keep your appliances at the recommended heat and do not go any higher!

Contact Farrer Construction

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