Home Restoration – Common Mistakes

Home Restoration – Common Mistakes


Restoring a home is far from an easy process.

The planning, the materials, the elbow grease – it can overwhelm even the most experienced DIY hobbyist.

The last thing you want after a completed restoration is to have to keep correcting mistakes down the road. It is worth your time to take extra care to see that some common mistakes not made to prevent headaches down the road.

What are some of the most common home restoration mistakes?

Let’s take a look:

Poor Paint Quality

Virtually every home restoration job will involve painting in some capacity. There is simply no better way to make a room feel brand new at such a good value. Going with cheap and ineffective paint requiring too many coats will always come back to haunt you after a restoration is finished. Paint is one area of a restoration where you are best served to just cough up the cash for the nicer products, the reason being that the ingredients that make high-quality paint durable and lasting are not cheap – there’s just no way around it.

Trust us, the investment in nicer paint will be more than worth it when you don’t have to constantly fix peels and cracks.

Too Much Waterproofing

The idea of a totally waterproof home seems ideal, especially a home that is being renovated. However, the truth is that excessive waterproofing of a home can cause even more problems.

The materials that make up a home need to be able to breathe in order to effectively release moisture. Waterproof coatings suffocate a home and do not let moisture escape properly. Moisture doesn’t just enter the home from the outside; it can also be produced inside of a home from cooking or washing. This moisture needs to escape the home, which will be complicated in a waterproofing agent is covering the exterior of your home.

Inconsistent Metals

The elements affect different metals in many different ways. Some metals can handle a bit more wind and rain than others before rusting, for example. Differing chemical components means that two metals might not to be able to peacefully coexist with each other. The wrong combination can lead to accelerated corrosion of one of the metals, leading to potentially serious damages.

Always follow the advice of a restoration expert whenever installing metal fixtures like gutters or flashes.

Dysfunctional Design

While aesthetics are nice, the design of certain parts of a home is meant to provide more than just eye-candy.

Exterior surfaces should always be able to effectively shed rainwater and prevent pooling water. The diverted flow of rainwater should be able to drip all the way to the ground without coming into contact with another horizontal surface on the way down. If rainwater is not allowed to quickly flow off of a roof and safely to the ground, severe damage can be done over time.

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