Fire and Smoke Damage Tips: Have an Emergency Plan!

Fire and Smoke Damage Tips: Have an Emergency Plan!

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When your home or building catches on fire, naturally you will be in a state of panic. Because of this, you and your family should have an emergency plan in place. Emergency plans allow your family and guests to understand the quickest way to exit your home, and where to meet up. On top of an emergency plan, there are multiple steps you can take to ensure that crucial documents and other belongings are safe in the case of fire or smoke damage.

Make Sure Your Family Knows the Plan

After you devise a fire and smoke safety plan for your family, be sure to rehearse it. While learning the emergency plan, remind your family why this is an important step. In the case of an emergency, your family is put at risk in certain rooms or areas of your home. If they have the emergency plan memorized, they will know the fastest route out of the home and to safety.

Your emergency plan should be easily accessible to your family members and even guests. Some families turn their emergency plan into a refrigerator magnet, in case guests are curious.

Keep Important Documents in a Fireproof Box or Case

Without crucial information and documents, the security of your family could be in danger. When a home or building burns down, many families and individuals lose their vital documents such as:

  • Birth certificates
  • Social security cards
  • Bank account information
  • Savings bonds
  • Cash
  • Family heirlooms
  • Photo albums
  • Jewelry
  • Assets
  • And More

By keeping your treasured items in this type of case, you’ll have a greater chance of retrieving them after a disaster happens.

Have a Restoration Plan in Place Too

While it is impossible to predict when a fire or smoke disaster will strike, you can always have a restoration plan in your back pocket. Farrer Construction is Murfreesboro’s premier restoration company. With our convenient location and professional restoration team, we’ve helped hundreds of Murfreesboro families during a time of crisis. From taking pictures of the fire and smoke damage, to working with insurance companies, we’re here for you.