Fire Damage – Top Causes

Fire Damage – Top Causes

House fires in Middle Tennessee are a serious problem. Your home is one of your greatest investments, and losing it to a house fire can be absolutely devastating. Luckily, you can prevent a fire from occurring in your home by being aware of the top causes of house fires.

Cooking Equipment


From pots of soup boiling over to stovetops left on throughout the day, if left unattended, your cooking equipment can cause a fire in your home. Whether you make the mistake of leaving your dishtowel close to the burner, or something explodes in your oven, your kitchen is a haven for fires if not properly monitored and attended.

When you are cooking, remember to keep an eye on every hot appliance, stovetop, and area of your kitchen. Also, don’t forget to check your smoke alarms regularly. If you happen to take your eyes off of your cooking and a fire happens, your smoke alarms can get your attention!

Electrical Wiring

If your home has faulty wiring, you’re living in a ticking time bomb for house fires. It is in your best interest to have a professional electrician visit your home as soon as possible to fix these electrical errors. Never attempt to complete serious electric work on your own! Your mistakes could be costly.

Also, if your electrical devices and equipment, such as plugs and outlets, are loose and frayed, it’s a disaster waiting to happen. Every time you plug in an electrical appliance, check the cords and wires to make sure they are in top condition.

In addition, never overload an electrical extension cord. The more that is plugged into your extension cord, the greater your chances are of a house fire. Once you are done using the extension cord, unplug it right away!

Unattended Candles

We tend to light candles, enjoy the aroma and walk away. After walking away, we completely forget that the candles are lit. You may leave your home, go into the next room, or accidentally put a flammable item right next to the candle. From kids and pets knocking over the flame to a strong breeze catching the flame, unattended candles are not a safe option for your household!

Holiday Decorations

With the winter holidays coming up, be aware that the many holiday decorations around your home are highly flammable. Plus, many of these decorations actually can cause fires! From Christmas tree lights to festive candles, your home is full of opportunities for house fires – unless you set up your home properly for the holidays. Keep all candles away from your Christmas tree and other decorations. Also, be sure to set up your decorations away from any lights, flammable objects or heating equipment.

Try to purchase new tree lights if your old set is frayed, overused and even burned out. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your house is completely safe this holiday season.

If tragedy does strike, call the proper authorities immediately and then contact Farrer Construction to help with your fire damage restoration process. We’re ready to help you make your home look like new again.