6 Vandalism Prevention Tips for Businesses

6 Vandalism Prevention Tips for Businesses


As a business owner, you stand to lose a significant amount of money if your business is vandalized in any capacity. Whether your windows are smashed or the exterior of your building has been covered in graffiti, you’ll lose a lot more than just money – it can tarnish your reputation if you do not properly take care of the mess and use these six vandalism prevention tips!

Clean up vandalism as soon as possible

It has been noted that vandalism such as graffiti has a significantly reduced rate of recurrence if the building is cleaned up or repaired almost immediately. This sends a signal to the vandals that you are taking care of your building and property, and will be proactive about reporting the damage.

Report suspicious activity and vandalism

Should your business be the victim of vandalism in any sense, do your absolute best to report it to the authorities as soon as you can. In addition, if you spot any highly suspicious behavior occurring around your building, it is in your best interest to report that activity as well. Being proactive about eliminating acts of vandalism will help your business become less of a target.

Keep valuables out of sight

Are your business valuables in the direct view of those outside of the business? Vandalism can occur as part of a robbery or burglary. To avoid becoming the target of a crime, store your valuables in a safe location out of sight from all your windows. In addition, remind employees to tuck their valuable belongings away as well. By doing this, you are making your business an undesirable target. If the thief cannot visibly see the valuables, it is unlikely that they will target your business.

Install a security system

When you install a commercial security and surveillance system for your business, you can have peace of mind knowing that your business is safe. Many systems allow business owners to monitor their building from an entirely different location. You could be in the comfort of your home and watch your business from afar!

Teach employees how to properly open and close your business

If an employee forgets to lock the door, secure the windows, or turn out the lights, your business is at risk. Not only will vandals be able to easily enter your business, but they will also select your business as an easy target! Make sure that your employees fully understand how to properly open, close and operate other business procedures. Do not allow new employees to take full responsibility for these tasks!

Call Farrer Construction!

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